Monday, November 12, 2007

Pour, Spill, Drip, Spit, Fling Your Coffee Here (WTJ)

Last week finally I started Project 1 "Wreck this journal" (WTJ), which celebrates creative destruction, with Benjamin. I was surprised he wanted to do this with me as it takes some time and who´s got spare time?
But then we did the first few pages of the journal together and I could see how much he enjoyed destroying his copy of the journal. You can´t imagine how much fun it is to fill/destroy the book in a messy kind of way.
Before we started I had to get a third copy - just because it looks lovely without our messing around and because I really felt sorry for this wonderful little book. So now I have got a clean and empty copy of the journal and one which is already brown and messy after filling the first page.

"Pour, Spill, Drip, Spit, Fling Your Coffee Here (WTJ)"

Benjamin made his stains this way:
15 B15 B
Benjamin: "I hate those unavoidable coffee stains on my white office table. So I decided just to sprinkle some tea onto this journal page. Stupid me: Those sprinkles were hard to notice.
Well, if you really want coffee stains you'll get them. I brewed my coffee making sure to spill a lot all over. Nice result after all. Like it."
And I made myself a very strong cup of instant coffe and just could not stop...
15 K

dripping the coffee with a straw...
15 K

on to the page. The whole book smells of coffee now.
15 K


Benjamin Stein said...

Great. I love to see this first post of our series online. So this cup of coffee I took with - sugar!

Anonymous said...

don't you just love keri?!!

ksklein said...

yep. i´ve found a lot of lovely stuff through her or her work.