Friday, November 2, 2007

100 Ideas By Keri Smith Has Started (100 Ideas 3)

The Asia Filmfest is finally over and I can get back to other stuff. The whole week was rather busy... watching as many movies as possible. But I did have a lot of fun doing so.
A while ago I started two new projects. "Wreck this journal", which I will be doing with Benjamin
and a second one "100 Ideas" which I will be doing with Mim.
Mim and I agreed on doing the first few assignments in no special order and just try to do complete all 100 ideas.

3. Buy something inexpensive as a symbol for your need to create, (new pen, a tea cup, journal).
I started with this easy task. No difficulties for me to go shopping for nice stuff! :) So I bought this wonderful red water color journal (along with a set of pencils) for documenting the 100 ideas on this list.

The lower pics shows the 100 things on the list.

Mim started with the same task and we even bought similar things. Check her post out here.


Mim said...

Too funny! Go see my post on this subject!

Sarah said...

Hope you enjoy tihs ;) Love your header, Kerstin, it looks great.

ksklein said...

Thanks. You are the first to comment on the header. Maybe the first to notice it...??? ;)

I´m sure we´ll have fun with the project.