Thursday, November 15, 2007

Burn! (WTJ)

Today, I´m not adding anything to this post. It is Benjamin´s text, who is doing the project with me.

"Burn this page (WTJ)"
Benjamin: "Many years ago I also burned a page. It was a love letter and the burning was part of a ceremony. I was sure by burning the letter my words would find their way straight to the addressees heart. Sending it, getting it read - that's at least what I thought - wouldn't transport my feelings in an adequate way.
I used a glass ashtray and lighter petrol. I put it on a small metal plate on my bed and set the letter on fire. It was a light blue sea of flames. And while the paper turned brown then black I was still sure I would have done the best thing I could. Until - the fire made the ashtray burst into two pieces. The rest of the petrol flew onto the plate. It got hot, so hot, that the quilt on my bed started melting. I panicked, tried to extinguish the fire. But it got worse. The plate slipped from the bed and what was left from the fire burned a serious hole into the carpet.
I thought that being sick from love would be a disaster. In fact it was. But the marks of the fire left on my bed and the carpet were disastrous, too. I didn't even try to make up a story in order to explain the clear signs of my voodoo game to my mother. I've played with the fire, I said. And that was exactly the truth - before and after I had lit the match.
This time I took more caution not to burn down the flat. But what I thought, when the journal page burned down was exactly the same as those twenty something years ago: Burn my love right into her heart!
Looks like I don't grow up. She was standing right next to me. But I lit a fire instead of turning my head and telling her: I carry your heart, would you carry mine?"
This is how Benjamin burnt his page:
13 B

13 B

13 B

And this is my result:
13 K

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