Wednesday, November 7, 2007

100 ideas 1 - part two

1 Covered

Partly Uncovered:
1 Partly Covered

1 Uncovered

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100 ideas


littlemithi said...

Really liked this - looking forward to seeing more...

Mim said...

There is NOTHING on the ground at DisneyWorld!

ksklein said...

@littlemithi: i´m really having fun doing the 100 ideas.

@Mim: really??? so disneyworld is the perfect world they are always telling on tv? ;)
all the stuff i found was only in 5-10 minutes walk. actually you don´t see a lot of stuff here on the side walk either - except for cigarette stubs and beer caps and paper. but once you look closely, you find tons of stuff.
when i looked for these things it was a few days after halloween, si i even found a spider and a skull pic. :)

Sarah said...

Well Disney is an idealised world (supposedly)...I've found there is a lot of stuff in the street here, but it's not immediately obvious - you have to keep your eyes open.

Great drawings - the layout is very good.