Thursday, November 1, 2007

Asia Filmfest - Eye In The Sky

Halloween evening Benjamin took care of the kids again so that I could watch some more movies. (Thanks, B.). Tomorrow is the last day of the Asia Filmfest and then I can get back to my usual blog postings. Hopefully with more art again.
The first movie I watched today was "Eye in the Sky". Nice one!

About the movie:
"Eye in the Sky" is engrossing cat and mouse stuff – riveting entertainment that gathers an undeniable momentum as the chase rachets up notch by notch. Oozing with style and gripping throughout, Yau’s movie heralds an exciting new talent. (via Asia Filmfest 2007 via

“A Hong Kong police surveillance unit finds itself caught up in the rough-and-tumble of underworld violence in smart action-thriller "Eye in the Sky," helming debut of longtime Johnnie To scripter Yau Nai-hoi.
Well-received at its world preem in Berlin's Forum, and stuffed with To regulars on both sides of the camera, this looks to have a similar fest and distribution arc to the best of To's own signed movies, and will be welcomed by the same aficionados.”
(via Asia Filmfest 2007 via Variety)