Wednesday, November 28, 2007

100 Tage Bücher - 100 Days Of Books

By chance I discovered another blog some weeks ago. "Hundert Tage Bücher" (100 Days of Books) is a nice blog about 100 days at a Guerilla- or Pop-up-Book-Store* with readings and exhibitions. I enjoy reading the short posts with lots of pics. As I love books and as the owner (Dorin Popa) said he´s specially proud of his selection of books in the sex and fetish corner I just had to go there.

© (2007) by Dorin Popa

So Saturday evening, I hurried out to drive across town to this little book store . Just as I reached the store, the owner came out and locked the door. You know what? When I asked him whether he had already closed the store for that day, he opened up again and let me browse through the books for half an hour. Thanks for that! I really appreciated it.
Actually I didn´t find anything in the sex and fetish corner but I did find some great comics (100 Bullets Samurai, Neil Gaiman: Sandman, etc.), novels (Truman Capote: Summer Crossing) and art books. Though the store is tiny there is quite a selection of books and I´m sure everybody can find a good deal.

© (2007) by Dorin Popa

*The store is opened only for about 100 days in the whole.
Only 35 more days are left!!! So in case you want to have a look you should hurry there.
The number of days how long the store is still open is displayed in the window. I think this is a great project
and I would love to do something similar. It gives you the chance of trying out something new for a certain period of time without commiting yourself for years. Anybody needs a partner? Here I am!!!

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