Friday, November 30, 2007

European Filmfest - Venus (2)

The movie yesterday was sad, lovely and funny too. Two aging actors and close friends lives are turned upside down when Ian´s niece's daughter Jessie moves in to his flat to care for him. The provincial girl turns out to be a nightmare for Ian. But Maurice develops a romantic love for the girl fifty years younger.
Maurice: I will die soon, Venus. Can I touch your hand?
Jessie: That's one chat-up line I haven't heard.
Maurice: I'm impotent, of course.
Jessie: Thank Christ.
Maurice: But I can still take a theoretical interest.
Jessie: Have you been thinking about me?
Maurice: All the time I was in hospital.
Jessie: What did you think about me?
Maurice: I saw your body.
Jessie: Which part?
Maurice: Your hair. Your feet. Your legs, your behind, your eyes.
Jessie: My eyes?
Maurice: Your elbows. Your cunt.
Jessie: Oh, shut up. You can touch my hand.
(He kisses her hand)
Jessie: Only with your fingers. Anything else will make me vomitous.
Maurice: Can I ask you, have you ever been in love before?
(She smiles)

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