Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sushi (100 Ideas 4)

Dinner time is always very busy, specially with the kids around. No chance of being able to draw my dinner then. So I decided to draw my lunch. Usually I only eat something small at home. But yesterday I saw this delicious box full of sushi waiting for me right there on my way back home from an appointment. I decided to treat myself as I love sushi and haven´t had it for about 5 years! I´m sure I was also inspired by a sushi drawing done by The Renaissance Chameleon. I saw it the first time about 10 months ago and I really like it very much. It also got me to do more Moleskine drawings.
4. Draw your dinner.
You can´t imagine how difficult it was to draw the sushi instead of eating it. So I had to do a quick illustration... always eating the parts, which I had already completed drawing. Give me more!

Draw your dinner

You can find a lot of sushi drawings in Moleskines at flickr. I guess, it is easier to draw your food when it won´t get cold while doing so.


Renmeleon said...

I enjoyed reading your post and LOVE your sketch. I am honored that you were inspired by my work, thank you for the kind words. :) I love playing muse. hehe

I could not agree more on sushi! Taking the time to actually draw it is painful when it is sitting there begging to be savored. hehe There have been times when I have resorted to photography; see my "Our Favorite Edibles" folder on Flickr.

If you are ever in Florida look me up, we can do a sushi sketchcrawl! I know some really great places here.

Oh, email me your mailing address and I will send you something. :::Cheshire cat grin::: Great blog name by the way. :)

Kerstin Klein said...

Hi renmeleon, it´s also easier to take a pic of the sushi, eat it up and then draw it from the pic. I should have done that. But there´s no harm if I practice to be patient. ;)
Should I come to Florida, I´ll come to eat sushi first and then we can sketch. ;)
A surprise ? I love surprises! I´m off to send you my address. Any favor I can do in return?

Kerstin Klein said...

I went back to get more of that sushi today!

Renmeleon said...

Jonesing for sushi but get to go Monday for my birthday. My best friend and I are vegging out the whole in my favorite part of town and having sushi for lunch! Maybe dinner too. hehe Hey, it's my birthday, if I could eat it for breakfast I would.

Got your address, will send you out something on Monday. Have to put it all together. Muwahahaha

Yup yup, I agree. Photos first, then eat, THEN sketch. hehe

Kerstin Klein said...

So did you have a nice birthday?

Renmeleon said...

Yes! :) hehe My best girlfriend and I spent the day out. We had bentos (huge, very yummy) for lunch with a glass of plum wine, and did Urban Flats for dinner. :) It was nice.