Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lucky, Lucky Day!

Woo hoo.... I was invited to a job interview at the Haus der Kulturinsitute. I´m pretty sure I´m going to start the internship at the bookbindery in March. Woo hoo!

* Doing the happy dance

Carnivorous Plant Part 2

As usual I put off making the costume to the last minute. So I have got about 4 hours to make something from the items shown below...
... into something like this:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carnivorous Plant?

The past two weeks have been great. I´ve been to the movies, a reading, finished the book repairing course, won a lot of tickets for the movies and a concert.
The best of it all: I may have the chance of doing an internship at the bookbindery. Keep all your fingers crossed. I have been looking for such an opportunity for quite some time now.
Here´s a pic of my journal entry of the reading. Joachim Król read from the novel "Adam resurrected" by Yoram Kaniuk. In between they showed parts of the movie too (starring Jeff Goldblum) which will be released February 19 2009.

Joachim Król Lesung im Substanz

This week has been busy with carnival coming up and my son having crazy ideas about his costume. Last year he dressed up as "death" and frightened himself in the mirror. His make up made strangers ask me whether I thought this was appropriate for a little kid. A few days ago my son said: "Mom, this year I want to be a carnivorous plant." (He´s loves dressing up.)
I still have got two days to come up with some ideas and make the costume. I´d be grateful for any ideas but mind you: NO sewing, only hot glue! :)

2 years old:
2 Pink David
4 years old:
4 years old:
David 2008

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lucky Day!

I still haven´t managed to find the time to report about the great last week I had but today I just had to post quickly. I´ve been lucky.
At Starbucks I won two movie tickets for The Reader. Then later on my way to get my daughter from school I won two more tickets for another preview "He´s just not that into you" in another store. For the same day!
Let´s see whether I manage to see both of them.
When I returned home today evening there was a letter with 2 tickets for a reading (Ben Becker - Die Bibel).

Am I lucky? Yes I am.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Book Repairing Course

Yesterday I spent the whole day in the building shown above. I booked a two day book repairing course at the Haus der Kulturinstitute. It is impressive walking into an entrance hall filled with lots of statues. The building also accommodates the Museum für Abgüsse Klassischer Bildwerke München (Replica of classic statues).
I enjoyed the course a lot and learned a few methods how to repair damaged books. The 8 hours we worked in the book bindery just flew by. Below you can see a repaired paperback with a new cover and 3 repaired books which will receive a hardcover next week.
Next Sunday we also have the chance to learn how to bind our own books. If I have the time I will make my own sketchbook. I wish the course would have been a bit longer than only 2 days. Maybe daily? :)
Today I went to a special book binding store Carta Pura (what a wonderful store!) to get some book binding material. I bought a bookbinding set and some wonderful sheets of paper. I even met another member of the course in the store. I can tell you, I didn´t really save money and I could have spent even more money and time in there.
Bookbinding Set