Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lucky Day!

I still haven´t managed to find the time to report about the great last week I had but today I just had to post quickly. I´ve been lucky.
At Starbucks I won two movie tickets for The Reader. Then later on my way to get my daughter from school I won two more tickets for another preview "He´s just not that into you" in another store. For the same day!
Let´s see whether I manage to see both of them.
When I returned home today evening there was a letter with 2 tickets for a reading (Ben Becker - Die Bibel).

Am I lucky? Yes I am.


Blog Queen said...

Next time I'm down there, I'm coming by your house to rub your nose for good luck. ;)

I'm happy for you! I participated in the Starbuck's Giveaway, too, but didn't win anything (which is just as well, as I really don't have time for anything else right now). Let us know what you thought of the movie!

Mim said...

wow - how perfect for you. I'd be interested in seeing how you liked "Reader" - just read the book.

_paulina_ said...

jo, das ist ja echt super. passt auch zu deiner kino reihe.