Friday, November 23, 2007

The Human Behind The Avatar

I was invited to contribute to the fuelmyblog book "The Human Behind The Avatar". The book is to show that bloggers are real people. And the 15% commission the community would earn on each book will be donated to the charity Doctors Without Borders/ Medicins Sans Frontiers.

Kerstin Klein

"If you want to know why I started blogging, then you better check out :-)
You´ll find art in various forms at my blog snowflakes & blackvampires: my art, your art, movies, journals, music and a lot more. Most of it is black or white, light or dark, pleasant or weird. Basically it forces me to be more creative and I really do need that."


caseytoussaint said...

Interesting post - it sounds like a good project. I've been looking back at what you've been up to lately - I love the way you've responded to the 100 things idea. Wish I'd tuned in earlier! Sounds like that could be a good way to shake me out of the boring phase I've been in lately....

Kim Larsen said...

Hello -

I would like to invite you to join in on a little portrait-drawing-fun ... please drop by here:

The site is just starting out, but it's looking promising already, I think!

Kim Larsen

ksklein said...

Casey, wonderful that you are joining in on the fun!


BLOGGERS are aliens

ksklein said...

That is why I´m hiding... ;)