Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wreck This Journal By Keri Smith (Project 1)

Today I finally received my copy of "Wreck this journal", which celebrates creative destruction: "To Create Is To Destroy". She encourages the reader to fill the book in a messy kind of way and then to destroy the pages to experience the true creative process. The book is wonderful and I already find it difficult to destroy the pages, to poke holes into them and to crumble it - as suggested. Even writing in it seems hard to do, as I really consider books to be treasures and like to take care of them.

Still I wanted to start right away, but then I had this idea: It would be so much more fun to do this together with someone else. Then we could compare the pages. I think this could be fun to do and inspiring. Maybe we could also blog about it.
I´m looking for someone who would like to do this with me. In exchange for the time you need to invest I would send you one copy of the for free. I had a look through the book. There is no need to be an artist. So, if you drop by my blog from time to time, can read and write English and would have fun doing this, just send me an email.

BTW: In case you want to have a look inside the book, watch the video on Danny Gregory´s blog. He reviews some books and "Wreck This Journal" is the first one.


Anita said...

I might be up for this, looks interesting unless you already found someone?

'In exchange for the time you need to invest I would send you one copy of the for free.'

...of the?

Sarah said...

there's a flickr group

-set up by KS for sharing. It gets spammed a bit, but there're lots of people playing with the book there

ksklein said...

@sarah: Thanks, I joined the group right away! :)

@anita: I already have got a partner. My husband decided to do this with me. :) But maybe you would like to do project 2 with me?