Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Asia Filmfest - Flash Point

A few hours ago we watched the best movie of the Asian Filmfest so far: Flash Point. A great movie with mind-blowing action! One of the best action movies I have seen (though I have to admit that I haven´t seen too many of them).

About the movie:
"Flash Point" belongs in the new crop of Hong Kong films that have begun to take shape over the last few years and found a major following in International markets tired of the same stuff. It’s a genre with hardcore fighting that isn’t predicated on styles or even signature moves, where violence looms, threatens, and finally develops in a heated "debate" of fists and kicks. You probably wouldn’t have seen anything like "Flash Point" or "Sha Po Lang" ten or even five years ago, and it seems Yen has helped to usher in this new genre of Hong Kong action-crime films that combines grit, martial arts, and crime that has never been seen before." (via Asia Filmfest 2007 via BeyondHollywood.com)

"Flash Point" is an awesome action movie when the time came for it to deliver the goods, highlighting that Hong Kong action films still have what it takes to innovate within the genre. The back half of the film is packed to the gills with fight and action sequences and they stand as the most diverse and punishing sequences of Yen’s career." (via
Asia Filmfest 2007 via Twitchfilm.net)

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