Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Countdown 10 - Run Wrake

Only 10 days to go. It´s Halloweeen time. So I´ll be posting some darker stuff the next ten days. Don´t watch the movie if you are sensitive. :)

"Rabbit" by Run Wrake. The film is a very simple morality tale about greed and the dangers of greed & exploring nature. Run Wrake found some 1950's stickers in a junk shop and made a film out of them. It took about 16 months from the start. He spent about one year for actual making animation and 4 months for pre-production.


LDahl said...

I just saw that animation the other day... I felt guilty that I liked it:))) It is awesome, but so shocking ...and yet it shouldn't be, which makes it even more so, if you know what I mean. It's not really gory, there is so much worse, it is just with the context of Dick and Jane running in the back of your mind that makes you go "Oh! My! *blink**Blink*"
It's The Adams Family 'Dick and Jane'!
A very good choice for your Halloween Countdown.

ksklein said...

Actually here Dick and Jane are not know, but still it is strange to watch this movie.

LDahl said...

Dick and Jane were the characters in the primary books that little kids learned to read from...see spot, see spot run.
I posted a couple of videos for you, I have more, but wasn't too sure what you had in mind.

I like this one too, but it isn't particularly Halloween...just a little creepy:
Any, go check out the other two at Labrat, one has skeletons and the other has witches.