Friday, October 12, 2007

IF: Open

Open your heart and let it out!

A last minute entry for IF with the special topic "Open". Please enlarge the image to have a better look at it. The illustration was made of these words: "Open your heart and let it out". 3 or 4 times I wrote "Open your eyes and let it out" by mistake. I guess, that´s right too.

From Illustration Friday:

"We here at Illustration Friday are so excited to announce the first ever Illustration Friday gallery show!
Open, a bookstore and art gallery in Long Beach, California in Long Beach, California is sponsoring this week’s topic, “open“, and in a show opening November 3rd — in less than a month — they will display 25 IF entries. Which 25? That’s up to you, the loverly IF community! You get to vote on your favorites to decide which ones go up on the walls."

So in case you like my illustration vote for it on IF. Click on the "Open"-contest and then just press on the gray star next to the pic and my name (ksklein). :)


well.illbedarned said...

is is so lovely!
really really good

ksklein said...

:) thanks. i was inspired by a pic of a naked lady on deviantart.

Mim said...

Amazing! You are really doing so much with your artwork!

Benjamin Stein said...

Kudo! I really like this idea - to assemble an image out of words. I only knew this kind of sketch made from dots, but this is special since you make a translation from one domain of communication (by words) into another domain of communication (by image). The very sentence used is the perfect motto for this sketch.