Saturday, October 27, 2007

Asia Filmfest - Vexille

Just a short post on this one. We saw the movie "Vexille" Thursday evening and did enjoy it. It was the opening film of the Asia Filmfest 2007 in Munich. It´s a good movie!
The movie theater had an asian buffet in the entrance room, you could buy some Asian dvds, there was a promotional stand of Diamond Prosecco and of course some promotional material from the movies.

The entrance ticket to the movie was also the entrance ticket to the after-show party in the club 2rooms. I even managed to get Benjamin there for about half an hour. Interesting club, futuristic interior and they had japanese porn running on two or three screens. The famous DJ Hito
from Japan appeared and I enjoyed my vodka. Unfortunately we missed Drag Queen Masu with her J-Pop-Playback-Midnight-Show.

About the movie:
"One of the most – if not the most – hotly anticipated anime titles of the year,
"Vexille" is nothing short of a visual feast. The production team behind the hugely successful "Appleseed" film reunite here for a high concept, high action sci-fi thriller that asks difficult questions about the nature of humanity and is remarkably willing to criticize the current state of Japan, particularly for a big, mainstream Japanese blockbuster.
"Vexillex" is a film that blows stuff up in spectacular fashion and that’s the level that most will judge it on. So, how does it look? The short answer: spectacular. The animation technique used in "Appleseed" has been pushed forward greatly here, the characters being made far more physically expressive with a vast improvement shown particularly in the facial expressions. Those who simply dislike the use of motion capture technology in animation will likely remain unconvinced but for those such as me who appreciate the technology, this is a major step forward. In the final analysis "Vexille" is a film that does an awful lot of things very, very well. It is an action spectacle that is, indeed, spectacular; a film that underpins its entertainment with high minded concepts and serious concerns that will ensure it remains engaging and challenging for quite some time. Eye candy it may be but these are no empty calories." (via Asia Filmfest 2007 via

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