Thursday, October 18, 2007

Want To Become My Partner? Please!

What do I need a partner for? Read on...

Another blog I have been following for some time now is Keri Smith´s Wish Jar Journal. She´s one of the most creative persons I know. Considering my own future (I need to get out and start some creative work) it helps reading her phantastic advice. She´s got wonderful books and you should take a look at them: Wreck this journal, Living Out Loud, The Guerilla Art Kit.

Her site inspired me to start 2 projects (project 1, project 2). And I will need one or more partners to have more fun. Check out the next two posts for more information.

In case want to know how to feel miserable as an artist, Keri Smith will help you out. And for the really bad days she´s got an artist´s survival kit too.

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