Monday, January 28, 2008

Portrait Of My Son

After the last Portrait Party contest the only one of my closer family I hadn´t drawn yet was my son. Just like my daughter I drew him when he was sitting in the bathtub. Otherwise I could have never drawn a portrait of him without a cap. It´s funny to see him without a headcovering when he usually always wears one.

I asked my son (4 years old) whether he could draw me for the Portrait Party contest and he said: "I can only draw pirates and vikings and ships and treasures and monsters. But not you. It wouldn´t be nice." I replied that it needn´t be nice. It would be great if he would just try to draw me though. When he saw that everybody exchanged portraits with me he tried it too.
When he gave me the drawing I asked him what that black line on top of my head was. He rolled his eyes: "Mom, that´s your long ponytail of course".

My son (sitting in the bath tub):
Portrait Of My Son

My son and my daughter on facing Moleskine pages:
Brother And Sister

And me:
Me By David

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pink Moon By Nick Drake

In the comments of my last post about Cat Power Sarah talked about Nick Drake. I don´t have time currently for new pics or posts. So I´m posting another music video.

Nick Drake
Pink Moon

Saw it written and I saw it say
Pink moon is on its way
And none of you stand so tall
Pink moon gonna get ye all
And it’s a pink moon

I saw it written and I saw it say
Pink moon is on its way
And none of you stand so tall
Pink moon gonna get ye all
And it’s a pink moon
Yes, a pink moon

We saw the movie "Control" (about Ian Curtis) a few days ago. Somehow Nick Drake´s life reminds me of the Ian Curtis (lead singer of Joy Division) biography.

Podcast by Gabrielle Drake (Nick Drake´s sister)

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Greatest By Cat Power

A few days ago I discovered Cat Power on Dorin´s blog. Beautiful music! The singer has such a wonderful voice. I´m not a specially romantic person, but this song just wants to make me stand in a room, lean at a guy and sway with him.

Cat Power
The Greatest

Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or waterfall could stop me
And then came the rush of the flood
The stars at night turned you to dust

Melt me down
To big black armour
Leave no trace
Of grace
Just in your honor
Lower me down
That corporate slob
Make a watch
For a space in town
For the lack of the drugs
My faith had been sleeping
Lower me down
In the end
Secure the grounds
For the later parade

Once I wanted to be the greatest
Two faced, sad little rock
When things I couldn't explain
Any feelings
Lower me down
In the end
Secure the grounds
For the lack of the drugs
My faith had been sleeping
For the later parade

Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or water fall could stop me
And then came the rush of the flood
The stars at night turned you to dust

Here´s a link to the live video of this one and here´s another beautiful song Sea of Love.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Favorite Fantasy 6

Anonymous (female?) fantasy: "Gangbang!

Just a very quick sketch of the last fantasy so far. It´s Friday afternoon and only a few minutes time left. Did I miss any of your wishes - except for the bicycle ride? Don´t think so. I hope to do that one with a bit more inspiration next week or maybe I can convince Dorin to choose something easier. ;)
Anyway I had fun drawing these and enjoyed it even more to read your emails with your fantasies. In case you want a reader for your thoughts and future fantasies, I´ll be here and waiting for you.
But all this lead to my blog being taken off the EDM Superblog:
"Love your work and your honesty. However it's inclusion in the EDM Superblog has freaked people out. I'm afraid we're going to have take you off the site. But don't let that limit your creativity and honesty."
I had completely forgotten that all pics were posted there automatically and they have some readers who are quite young. I guess, I lost a few readers the past days, but maybe all these new words in my posts like gangbang, blow job, etc. will attract new ones. Have a nice weekend everybody!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Favorite Fantasy 5

Female fantasy: "When I was around 13 years old, I secretly searched through my dads´ books (those which were kept in separate boxes). I discovered a book which was some kind of a female James Bond story. The heroine of the book almost dies a few times, gets rid of her persecuters and kidnappers with the help of sex, she is set under drugs, etc. And while she is under the influence of some drugs she has sex with the devil. Every touch of his fingers was described. You can imagine that this was overwhelming for me (as a 13 year-old). Ever since I read that book, I wanted a man to touch me
like that devil and make me (and my skin) burn."

I took the motif for the sketch from the Louis Royo painting below:

My Favorite Fantasy 4

Male fantasy: "I see a Bar, with a lot of Bottles. Jump over and watch from the barkeepers place. Some of the bottles are broken, some of them are full, some emtpy. On the bar, sitting a girl. With her body leanng back, arms streched to the side, legs opened. She is wearing trousers, but no shirt. Her eyes show the spectator her thoughts: "I want you!". Her trousers shoud be torn somewhere. Let her smoke, let her be tattoed, completly naked, whatever. Her eyes tell everybody, woman and man: "I want you." "

Boy... this pic took me half a day. Such a lot of time time and it´s the worst pic of all of these fantasies. Damn! And I forgot a lot of the little things which were wished for. You know what, f. k. you´ll get another pic some time, with THE LOOK, but I´ll decide the motif and try better.
I really need to cool down now and take a break. I guess I´ll be off to the movies today. Any horror movie running? I need to get other things on my mind now. ;)

Any quick recommendations for this or that movie?

My Favorite Fantasy 3

Male fantasy: "Having average-sized genitalia myself I am obviously fascinated by the vision of men who have elephant-trunk appendages, and I suppose the erotic fantasy is me doing what they do with the elephant trunk by proxy."

I just love this sentence. Actually the guy had a lot of other fantasies, which wouldn´t have been too hard to sketch, but you just can´t beat this sentence.

My Favorite Fantasy 2

Male fantasy: "I want to force a nun to give me a blow job. And she will start to enjoy it."

And here is what the nun did to my last sketch:

My Favorite Fantasy 1

Here you go: The first fantasy is of a woman who wants to give some special guy a blow job in a public place. Actually her fantasy didn´t really sound like a dream. Somehow I had the impression that she has already experienced this.

I had just started the next drawing when I noticed that the pen bled through the page. I´m glad I noticed it after only one line, but still: Sorry for that. It´s late, I´m off to bed and will do the others hopefully tomorrow.

Charles Bukoswki

Before I start a short series of pics for IFN: My favorite sexual fantasy, I´ll want to end the Charles Bukowski series for now with this quote:

“Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.”

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For (German) All Gamblers!

I had mentioned the 100-days pop-up book store before. The store closed two weeks ago. But now Dorin Popa has had a new idea and started aother blog. All the German readers check out the blog Deutscher Lotto-Blog!

Check out the rules in English here.

Monday, January 14, 2008

All Sexual Fantasies Fulfilled Here!

I´ve done two images for the IFN topic of this week (my favorite sexual fantasy), but so far none of them were real sexual fantasies. They were just images which came to my mind.

Bondage woman

I have an offer for
YOU! Tell me your favorite sexual fantasy and I´ll draw a sketch of it for you. I´m very curious to know what you all are dreaming of. Of course I´ll post the images without your name.

Bondage womanBondage girl
She devilDevil

Tell me your wildest dreams. Everything is accepted and every fantasy (which I´ll receive till Thursday night) will be drawn. There are only very few things which I would decline. So please don´t disappoint me.
In case you do not want to write your fantasies in the comment section (I expect wild fantasies) send the images to this email address!

I just received the first email in response to this post. Thanks, it has already triggered my fantasy for the first drawing.

IFN: My Favorite Sexual Fantasy

Remember the IFN topic "What Goes In Must Come Out" when Mim´s image inspired me to another one and the next image by Ellis Nadler showed a Vagina Dentata?
Something similar happened with my second IFN pic which I actually hadn´t planned to post here. But what the heck... Here you go:
Afraid of Vagina Dentata?? Here comes the Vagina Overwhelma. (Thanks Prozacville)

Fuck: Today I had Prozac(ville)! (by ksklein):

Too much woman for just one man (by Prozacville):

Portrait Of My Mother - 2

I have already done a portrait of my mom for the Portrait Party, but it was from my mind, so I couldn´t do a portrait with many details. This weekend I had a second chance. You can recognize her very well and she´s satisfied with it. But I´m not satisfied with the hair, so I´ll need a third try.

My mom (second try):
Portrait of Rita K.

My mom (first try):
Portrait of Rita K.

And me:
Me By My Mom

Me By My Mom

Losing Your Soul

“If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose.”
Would you have believed that Charles Bukowski could also say something comforting? This is how I understood the quote.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Poop Back and Forth, Forever.

A few days ago we watched "Me and You and Everyone We Know" . Here are just a few pictures and a short video of the movie.

"Back and forth" poop sign:
The )) and (( are two butts, and the <> is poop going back and forth between the two butts. This was written by a young boy talking to a 40 year old woman on a chat room. Pooping "back and forth, forever" is his idea of romance. Watch the clip to see it. It´s really very funny.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hand Me The Strapon... (IFN: My Favorite Fantasy)

... and where is the whip?

This weeks theme on
Illustration Friday Night is "My favorite sexual fantasy". There has been a discussion whether the site should close down as the work of the participants wasn´t intense, provocative and uncompromising anymore. It isn´t always easy to find something provocative but maybe this one will do.

IFN: Your Fantasy

Actually I wouldn´t say this is my favorite fantasy let alone sexual fantasy. But it is the first thing which came to my mind.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Are You The Favorite Person Of Anybody?

We have a list of movies I want to rent online. And we never know which dvds the rental company will send us next. It was such a coincidence when on the same day the dvd of "Me and You and Everyone We Know" arrived along with the yellow book "No one belongs here more than you" both by Miranda July. Add then I also found this short movie at YouTube. Did anybody say "There are no coincidences"?

This is a simple short film, shot on a budget of $150. A man with a survey stops passersby and asks them, "Are you anybody's favorite person?" That can be heartbreaking for somebody who doesn´t come first in somebody else's heart!

Melancholia By Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski

the history of melancholia
includes all of us.

me, I writhe in dirty sheets
while staring at blue walls
and nothing.

I have gotten so used to melancholia
I greet it like an old

I will now do 15 minutes of grieving
for the lost redhead,
I tell the gods.

I do it and feel quite bad
quite sad,
then I rise
even though nothing
is solved.

that's what I get for kicking
religion in the ass.

I should have kicked the redhead
in the ass
where her brains and her bread and
butter are
at ...

but, no, I've felt sad
about everything:
the lost redhead was just another
smash in a lifelong
loss ...

I listen to drums on the radio now
and grin.
there is something wrong with me
What I like most about Charles Bukowski is that he is just honest and straight-forward and doesn´t seem too complicated. I guess this can be applied to his writing too. He doesn´t seem to care about the consequences of his words. That can hurt. But I prefer the hurtful truth to dishonesty and evasion.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

More books...


I read about "Will Happiness find me?" at swissmiss. The renowned Swiss duo Fischli & Weiss wrote down questions that everyone asks themselves once in a while: Should I satisfy myself? Shall I go under? Should I pay less attention to my worries? Why doesn´t she call? Has the last bus gone? Should I get drunk?
Fun to read and ponder.

The book review" at Artist in LA LA Land made me buy "Erotic Haiku". Each haiku appears in English and in Japanese with playful pen-and-pencil drawings throughout.

And finally "No one belongs here more than you" by Miranda July. I discovered this little gem around a year ago. I really enjoyed the idea, but didn´t think of buying the book. But then I heard so much about Miranda that I just had to have a look at it. Now all I need is something yellow to wear for reading the book.

I'm In Love By Charles Bukowski

I'm In Love
Charles Bukowski

she's young, she said,
but look at me,
I have pretty ankles,
and look at my wrists, I have pretty
o my god,
I thought it was all working,
and now it's her again,
every time she phones you go crazy,
you told me it was over
you told me it was finished,
listen, I've lived long enough to become a
good woman,
why do you need a bad woman?
you need to be tortured, don't you?
you think life is rotten if somebody treats you
rotten it all fits,
doesn't it?
tell me, is that it? do you want to be treated like a
piece of shit?
and my son, my son was going to meet you.
I told my son
and I dropped all my lovers.
I stood up in a cafe and screamed
and now you've made a fool of me. . .
I'm sorry, I said, I'm really sorry.
hold me, she said, will you please hold me?
I've never been in one of these things before, I said,
these triangles. . .
she got up and lit a cigarette, she was trembling all
over.she paced up and down,wild and crazy.she had
a small body.her arms were thin,very thin and when
she screamed and started beating me I held her
wrists and then I got it through the eyes:hatred,
centuries deep and true.I was wrong and graceless and
sick.all the things I had learned had been wasted.
there was no creature living as foul as I
and all my poems were
Poor guy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mistake By Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski

I reached up into the top of the closet
and took out a pair of blue panties
and showed them to her and
asked "are these yours?"

and she looked and said,
"no, those belong to a dog."

she left after that and I haven't seen
her since. she's not at her place.
I keep going there, leaving notes stuck
into the door. I go back and the notes
are still there. I take the Maltese cross
cut it down from my car mirror, tie it
to her doorknob with a shoelace, leave
a book of poems.
when I go back the next night everything
is still there.

I keep searching the streets for that
blood-wine battleship she drives
with a weak battery, and the doors
hanging from broken hinges.

I drive around the streets
an inch away from weeping,
ashamed of my sentimentality and
possible love.

a confused old man driving in the rain
wondering where the good luck
I like the picture above of Charles Bukoswki.

Anorak Magazine - The Happy Mag For Kids

I read about the Anorak Magazine- The Happy Mag For Kids at
Book By Its Cover. Julia Rothman writes, that Anorak just blew her away when she first saw it. She wondered whether it would be weird if she ordered a subscription for herself.
So I checked out the links she posted and she is right The design is awesome and the illustrations fantastic.

I ordered a copy of it too and now I´m keeping it hidden from the kids. :) I want to enjoy it first before they get their hands on this little gem. After having seen this great kids´magazine, which comes with colored “happy pencils”, I´m thinking of getting a subscribtion myself.
For more images check out SuperMundane (one of the creators behind the magazine) and here or here.

The cover:

Anorak - Childrens Magazine

And some random pages:
Anorak - Childrens Magazine

Anorak - Childrens Magazine

Anorak - Childrens Magazine

Anorak - Childrens Magazine

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh Yes By Charles Bukowski

Oh Yes
Charles Bukowski

there are worse things than
being alone
but it often takes decades
to realize this
and most often
when you do
it's too late
and there's nothing worse
too late.

I never have been able to relate to people who can´t stand being alone. Ever since I remember I enjoy being with people, but somehow I enjoy it even more being alone.
With this poem I´m starting a short series of Charles Bukowski´s poems.

Made And Unmade By Shannon Gerard

Just by chance I discovered Shannon Gerard´s shop at Etsy while browsing the comics they have there. She writes:
"Shannon Gerard is a dorky bibliophile who writes and draws the illustrated memoir series HUNG. She also makes print-based artist's books about loss, faith, fear and other melancholy things."
What I really liked about her zines and books are the illustrations. They are just phantastic and striking! I´m glad I found them and yesterday the mini comic Made and Unmade arrived. It is a short comic which combines drawings with a short poetic narrative about lost relationships. The books are pamphlet stitched by hand in a limited edition of 60.
I think, I´ll have to get some more of her work.

Shannon Gerard

Shannon Gerard

Shannon Gerard

Monday, January 7, 2008

Award Again!

I received an award from Ces . Thanks! So here you go, I´m passing the award on to the next 10 blogs:

You made my day:

  1. Artist in LA LA Land for this book review.
  2. Auntie Mim for being such an honest and enjoyable blogger.
  3. Book By Its Cover for all the great recommendations but not for the empty wallet I have since I started reading the blog.
  4. Design Crush also for her posts and for showing me these wonderful rings. I ordered two of them.
  5. Jeanette´s Sketchblog because I love her illustration style and for her lovely fluffy bunny pic.
  6. Keri Smith for being inspiring and specially for the truth!
  7. Obsessive Consumption for inspiring me to start a new blog and for the lovely magazines which arrived today.
  8. Presurfer because the past weeks I really posted a lot of stuff on my blog, which I found at that site.
  9. Someone I can´t remember for leading me to this little website by Miranda July.
  10. Swiss Miss for her great posts and her recommendations.


No, it isn´t my Birthday today, but I received so many books and stuff today that I almost started singing "Happy Birthday to you, happy ...". Saturday we do not get our mail. So Mondays we sometimes receive the double amount of packages (usually of books) and letters.

In The Mail Today

The next posts will be about some of the books (Anorak, Obsessive Consumption, Will Happiness Find Me?, Erotic Haiku, Miranda July, Shannon Gerard). You can read about a part of them (Chronik 2008 and the zines from Obsessive Consumption) here at my other blog though.
Oh... and I received a book from my husband, but that will be the final post about the books as that one is really special.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Project for 2008

I have been admiring Kate Bingaman-Burt´s blog Obsessive Consumption for a few months now. She started taking pictures of all her purchases in the year 2002 and then posted hand drawn images of them on her blog. Inspired by her I decided to start a daily project too.

At 10 years ago I´m going to to post quick illustrations of interesting events which happened on the same day but some years ago. I think this is going to be fun. The illustrations will all be done in my Moleskine 2008 Daily Planner.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Already Sucks!

(via presurfer)

I´ve been wanting to exchange portraits with Rama Hughes so badly. Along with Tommy Kane, he is my favorite illustrator. This is the second contest which was held at the Portrait Party. I was runner-up in the first contest and this time I thought I wouldn´t even find the time to join. But the last days of December I suddenly had the time and a lot of partners to exchange portraits with.
And now I´ve made it!!! Woo hoo! You can´t imagine how emotional and teary-eyed I was when I read the post announcing that I had made it. I could hug the world.

I can tell you is that this is a wonderful way to start 2008 and nope, 2008 doesn´t suck. In fact this contest really made my year! :) New Year´s Eve was great too. Maybe I´ll post that later.

BTW: Here you can check out all my portrait exchanges for The Portrait Party!

Happy New Year!

Hope all of you have a wonderful year 2008. May all of you find whatever you wish for. May it be...



DELICIOUSNESS: (specially for Benjamin)
© by Paolo Franco

© by Paolo Franco


Paolo Franco from Milan makes wonderful pics. All pictures posted above were shot by him. You should check out his website to see his work.

(via otomano)

And last but not least:

(via presurfer)