Thursday, January 10, 2008

More books...


I read about "Will Happiness find me?" at swissmiss. The renowned Swiss duo Fischli & Weiss wrote down questions that everyone asks themselves once in a while: Should I satisfy myself? Shall I go under? Should I pay less attention to my worries? Why doesn´t she call? Has the last bus gone? Should I get drunk?
Fun to read and ponder.

The book review" at Artist in LA LA Land made me buy "Erotic Haiku". Each haiku appears in English and in Japanese with playful pen-and-pencil drawings throughout.

And finally "No one belongs here more than you" by Miranda July. I discovered this little gem around a year ago. I really enjoyed the idea, but didn´t think of buying the book. But then I heard so much about Miranda that I just had to have a look at it. Now all I need is something yellow to wear for reading the book.

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