Monday, January 28, 2008

Portrait Of My Son

After the last Portrait Party contest the only one of my closer family I hadn´t drawn yet was my son. Just like my daughter I drew him when he was sitting in the bathtub. Otherwise I could have never drawn a portrait of him without a cap. It´s funny to see him without a headcovering when he usually always wears one.

I asked my son (4 years old) whether he could draw me for the Portrait Party contest and he said: "I can only draw pirates and vikings and ships and treasures and monsters. But not you. It wouldn´t be nice." I replied that it needn´t be nice. It would be great if he would just try to draw me though. When he saw that everybody exchanged portraits with me he tried it too.
When he gave me the drawing I asked him what that black line on top of my head was. He rolled his eyes: "Mom, that´s your long ponytail of course".

My son (sitting in the bath tub):
Portrait Of My Son

My son and my daughter on facing Moleskine pages:
Brother And Sister

And me:
Me By David


caseytoussaint said...

He's gorgeous and so is your portrait of him, Kersten! I've always really loved your clean direct drawing style. And his portrait of you is pretty cool - very edgy. Frame, i'm sure you could get it into a gallery.

gabi campanario said...

hi kersten, these drawings are terrific, i should do a portrait exchange with my four year old son too!

Sarah said...

Two lovely simple (and all the more challenging to do because of the bold simplicity) drawings Kerstin and your son's of you is so cool.

Mim said...

These are all Wonderful!

mARTa said...

Hi Kersten! This gives me an idea for my weekly art lesson with my Annie. Your son is quite the artist! I love your portraits of your children....beautiful!