Friday, December 28, 2007

Portrait Party Contest

Rama Hughes of The Portrait Party has organized a Scavenger Hunt (A Portrait Party Contest) as the first contest went so well. I tried my best the last time but didn´t have enough portraits to win the contest.

This time there are a few more rules. The Contestants must complete a portrait swap with the following subjects:
I actually didn´t want to join the contest as December has been pretty busy and all of us sick too. But now during the holidays I did have some time. And when we were all at my mom´s place and I had just told my sister and brothers about the contest they all sat down with their pencils right away. I had 5 portraits in a few minutes!!!! I won´t win the contest this time either, but it is fun anyway.

My brother

My Sister

My Brother


caseytoussaint said...

What a great family - all ready to jump in and try! The portraits in the top post are great - where are the others?

Mim said...

I think this is a great idea and also would love to see the other portraits. what about the kids? did they draw also?

ksklein said...

It was fun indeed. At first I told them I would need one sibling to do this. They all said: "No way!!!" But then a few seconds later they all joined in on the fun.

My daughter drew 20 imagesof me in one day. But that´s nothing unusual. She loves drawing. And my son loves drawing too, but he told me that he couldn´t draw me. He prefers pirate ships and viking ships, dragons, etc.