Monday, December 17, 2007

Pay It Forward - Game Started!

Over at Mithi's blog I had read about the pay-it-forward game. I have got one year to send people some handmade gifts. Today I found the time to shop for the stuff I need for starting with my idea.

Now I just need the participants to choose their favorite (and second favorite) design and I can try to send off the presents this year.

From left to right:
Pic 1:
  1. circles
  2. hearts
  3. zebra
Pic 2:
  1. blue flowers gold
  2. yellow butterfly flowers
  3. delicate blue
  4. blue green
  5. blue star design
Pic 3:
  1. red orange gold
  2. blue pink gold
  3. pink
  4. asian circles
  5. pink flower pattern
Please comment here which designs you prefer. Thanks!


1. Milla: pink flower pattern
2. Mithi: hearts, delicate blue

3. Mim: blue pink gold
Ann: blue green, blue stars
Fabe: I guess for the only guy in this round, i´m going to think of something else. ;)
6. Switchsky:


littlemithi said...

Hmmmm.... hearts and delicate blue!

I'm curious to see what this is going to be made into??!!??

Anonymous said...

Ooh...! bluegreen and then blue stars! This is so exciting!


Mim said...

Definetly Blue-Pink-Gold - so beautiful.
In answer to your question, we got those chairs about 20 years ago at a salvage company in Connecticut. I think we paid about $50.00 for four chairs and a table. what a bargain!

Camilla said...

ooh i'm partial to the pink floral one