Monday, December 31, 2007

Portrait Of My Mother

I just couldn´t find any pic of my mom!!! At the family portrait exchange she was either taking care of something or standing next to me taking pics. So I didn´t even take one of her. I did this quick portrait in 2 minutes (??) with a fat Copic marker. I could not have made a more detailed portrait of her without a pic or without her sitting in front of me. But I am surprised that I can even recognize her.
One last portrait for the
Portrait Party contest in an hour and then I´m off to have dinner. I´m starving! (Unfortunately I won´t be able to eat right away, because I have to sketch the sushi and the petit fours first! ;) )

My mom:
Portrait of Rita K.

And me:
Me By My Mom

Me By My Mom

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