Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Anton Rittiner

A few months ago I was surprised by a portrait, which was posted at logbuch - isla volante (one of my favorite blogs).
Isla volante is a virtual island - somewhere, nowhere, out there, in the future and you can read about the happenings on the island, the people living there and about the visitors.
Anton Rittiner

Today I can finally return the favor, even though I think I made
Anton Rittiner look older than he really is. The Swiss artist seems to be a nice guy and maybe one day I´ll own a set of his phantastic paintings. I just love this one.


rittiner gomez said...

wir danken und es gefällt uns ausserordentlich.

ksklein said...

:) freut mich.

caseytoussaint said...

Thank you, Kerstin, for introducing me to that wonderful blog. I really like this portrait, and I'm sure he will too!

ksklein said...

Casey, do you understand German? The images on logbuch isla volate are wonderful for themselves, but as the images tell a story the text is important too.
Anyway, even without the text the pics are great.