Sunday, December 16, 2007

Speed Shopping (100 Ideas 26)

Grocery List (100 Ideas 26)

Mim and Casey already completed this task, so I hurried with it too. Yesterday I only had 30 minutes to got to 3 stores before the shops closed. I hastened through the aisles of the supermarket and just took everything which looked appealing to me. Illustrated are not only the groceries, but everything I bought on Saturday.
26. Illustrate your grocery list.

Grocery List 1 (100 Ideas 26)

This sketch is inspired by the blog Obsessive Consumption. Everyday Kate Bingaman-Burt posts a quick sketch of her daily purchase. I think she´s been doing that for the past 3 years.
I did everything in a quick and fast style too, but the boots were very pretty difficult to draw fast. (I remember my last drawing of shoes. These high-heels took a long time.)


Mim said...

Love the combination of the boots and the vodka. Could make for an interesting night.
I read the link to your post about the boots and it reminded me of the first International Aids conference that I went to in Amsterdam. (I was working for a company developing AIDS tests for blood banking and third world countries). Anyway, there were exhibits at that conference that were nothing but educational to me...and I also watched with my mouth open. Certainly changed my way of thinking...

ksklein said...

yeah, you are right mim. the vodka and the boots make for an interesting night. and the viatmins, fruits and the coke are against the hangover the next day. ;)

i completely understand what you mean by change your way of thinking. i keep having this feeling too.
btw: i still don´t know what some of the devices (which i mentioned in the bondage post) are used for. no nbody nows and those who know don´t want to tell me. makes me even more curious... ;)

Mim said...

I saw some items in store in Amsterdam that still have me confused. I was traveling with 3 Irish Catholic girls who kept crossing themselves as they looked in the windows. We were all amazing and dumbfounded. We also wondered in a practical sense about who designed these devices, where were they made, did anybody test them before shipping to stores...on and on it went!

ksklein said...

we live in the gay quarter of munich, so i keep seeing all this stuff in the windows of the stores. i´m well informed about them now! :D i can imagine how shocked some people would be to see these things displayed so openly here.

but the bondage stuff is still a puzzle to me! ;)