Monday, December 31, 2007

Thanks For Linking Me In The Year 2007!

Thanks to all the people who have linked to my blog in the year 2007 in some way or the other.

Non-English blogs:
100 Tage Bücher
Hanging Lydia
logbuch isla volante

English blogs:

Allotment Lady
Amber Forgey
Art Biz Blog
Auntie Mim´s Art, Crafts, Life's journal

bite your own tail
Ces And Her Dishes Part II
Drawing & Sketches - dibuja
Drawings & Sketches
Dustpan Alley
Emma Pod
g-shtält, -shtôlt, -stält, -stôlt

Have Dogs, Will Travel
Illustration Friday
Illustration Friday Night
Jana’s Journal and Sketch Blog
Laurelines Drawings and Paintings
Made by Milla
mARTa's Art
Mommy Palooza
Pen In Hand
Pookie Art
rue Manuel bis
Stefan G. Bucher´s Daily Monster
The EDM SuperBlog
The Ephemerist
The Portrait Party
"Where You Stumble, there lies your treasure"

(In case I forgot someone, just let me know.)

It´s 2008 now, but I just have to brag and add another name here:
Tommy Kane


laureline said...

Happy New Year! I just added your wonderful blog to my Arty Blogs list, something I should have done long ago!

Mim said...

I'm not sure how you figure this out anyway, but don't I have you linked or did I do it wrong?
HNY!, Mim

ksklein said...

Shot, shot, shot!!!! I knew I would forget someone important. And now it´s you, my fav online friend!!! Sorry! I´ll link you in a minute. Happy New Year to you too.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year Kerstin - hope it's a good and productive one!