Monday, December 31, 2007

Portrait Of My Daughter

Time is running out for the Portrait Party contest. Just a few hours left for me to complete two more portraits and I just can´t find any pic of my mom!!!
Anyway here is the portrait exchange with my daughter (5 years old), which is the most colorful one I´ve done so far. When I asked her whether she would like to draw me I had more than 10 pictures in an hour. She usually likes to draw me as a queen or a fairy. Sometimes even both. It was hard to choose a favorite as they are all wonderful and colorful.
Then I told her that maybe she could just draw me once without the fairy wings and the crown. Just me. And the result is pretty good too (last pic).

My daughter (right out of the bath tub):
Portrait of Aaliyah

And me as a fairy:
Me By My Daughter

Me By My Daughter

Me By My Daughter

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