Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hanukkah Game - Personal Questions & Answers

© by tcm13

Tonight and the next eight days we are celebrating the festival of lights. I followed an interesting game last year which was set up as an Advent Calender. And on each of the 24 days till Christmas something about that person was revealed.
I´m starting a similar game. For each of the eight nights of Hanukah I´m going to answer a question - no matter how raunchy, secret or embarrassing the answer might be. So in case you have some burning questions just take your chance and write it down in the comments section. Let´s see whether there will be enough for eight days.

© by thebubman

Our hanukkah coins disappeared! Two days ago a little guy stole into our kitchen and took most of our chocolate coins. He hid in the bathroom and ate all of them. :) So this year we won´t be having as many of them for the festival as I had planned to.


Mim said...

I'll think of some good questions - until then - have a happy holiday!

Mim said...

what a shy group! Okay - how come you grew up in India? What was your family doing there? Did you love it?