Sunday, December 30, 2007

Portrait Of Hans K.

Here´s the portrait of my other brother Hans. So far (for the Scavenger Hunt) he has been the most difficult one for me to achieve at least a little resemblance. I think now he can be recognized, even if the chin is way too pointy.

My brother:
Portrait Of Hans K.

And me:
Me By Hans K.

Who is next? :)


Mim said...

You have a sunburned nose - or frostbitten.
I like your portrait of him.

ksklein said...

there were times in india when my nose was burned like this. i remember when we were on holidays in the cool mountains of india you couldn´t really feel the scorching sun. my sister, myself and my dad (the blonde part of the family) got such a bad burn. whenever my sis and i used the put on a t-shirt, just the touch of it on our nose made the skin bleed. but we were lucky. my dad had been sitting in short pants at a little creek for some hours painting with water colors. his legs were burnt so badly that he couldn´t walk any more. he had to sit in an armchair all day and our friends had to carry him with the chair everywhere... even to the bathroom. ;)
he kept a piece of the skin when it came of and it is hard and thick like goats leather.

ksklein said...

so i guess my brother drew me from memory! ;)

Prozacville said...

I didn't realise what an extremely talent portraitist you are. Lovely work.

ksklein said...

hey thanks, prozacville. what a nice comment. actually i started only about a year ago and have done maybe 20 portraits. but i enjoy doing them, specially if someone does recognize himself. :)