Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Portrait Surprise

I check out a lot of blogs daily, but there are only a few blogs where I enjoy every single post. Today I was surprised pleasantly by one of my favorite blogs: logbuch - isla volante. I just discovered the island recently and I admire the joint project by three writers (sofffi täuscher-art, markus a. hediger, marea gomez) and a studio (rittiner and gomez)

Isla volante is a virtual island - somewhere, nowhere, out there, in the future and you can read about the happenings on the island, the people living there and about the visitors.
When I stumbled across the blog incidentally, I felt like I had found a little treasure, which I wanted to keep for myself. But I´m sharing it with you.
The logbook always shows the same style watercolor painting with a few lines of text. Even if you do not understand the German text, take a look at the paintings. They are wonderful!

And today when I went to read the new entry, I immediately recognized myself and thought I must be dreaming. I had to look twice. It is
an incredible feeling to be drawn by someone whose art I have been admiring daily. Thanks!

BTW: If you need the translation of any of their texts, just let me know!

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Ces said...

KSK, check out my post for today. I posted details of Picasso's paintings. :-)