Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Portrait Party 2 - Justin Morton

Justin Morton sent in the first portrait of me. I was so excited to have a look at it. Check out his blogs about his art and about everyday life. You can have a lot of fun reading there.

My portrait of him:
Portrait of Justin Monson
Somehow I made him look like a thug.

And this is the portrait he drew:

My Sketch Done by Justin Monson

And the link to the original pic.

My husband said: "You look a lot friendlier in real!"
My brothers: "The portrait makes you look like a 45-year old, tea drinking, boring aunt, which has grown quite fat!" (What kind of strange comment is that???)

Sorry Justin, for these comments. I was very happy when I had a look at it. I could recognize myself immediately and you have done a perfect job on my nose! :) And it is the first time someone sketched me and that is wonderful too.
I guess, all that counts is that the recipient is happy, isn´t it? And I´m definitely very happy with the exchange: tea drinking lady against thug!


caseytoussaint said...

Great job, Kristin. I like the one Justin did of you as well - from your photograph I think he did a good job - of course you're more beautiful in real life probably, but you look good in his drawing.
OK - I'm also tagging you! Stop by my blog to get the rules;

ksklein said...

well, i really like the drawing. and it´s nothing about being more or less beautiful. but i´m flattered anyway - when my brothers and husband say that i look better in real. :)
i still believe that he caught me pretty well - specially the nose! :)