Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Portrait Party

So far I have only drawn 3 portraits. In the average that is 1 piece every 10 years! ;)
Rama Hughes is a fantastic illustrator whose new weblog quickly changed my mind about this. His blog/group The Portrait Party was inspired by Tommy Kane, another great artist. (Check out their portraits of each other.)

Basically when you participate in the portrait party, you and a fellow artist pair up and draw portraits of one another. I guess that can be a lot of fun. So here is my pic and let me know if you want to exchange portraits with me.

Portrait Party - Original


david santos said...

Guten Morgem!
Thanks for you work. Have a good week.

Allotment Lady said...

I really loved the links - thank you - great reading

Ces said...

Very pretty K. I wish i was more confident about this. I panic when I have to do someone's portrait because i am not a realist painter, I tend to be post impressionistic. I am thinking.

ksklein said...

Do you think I´m confident about this? Or that I am a realistic painter? I don´t think so. :) I just enjoy drawing more and more and I really want to improve myself. And not all members in this group have the same standard - thankfully (though most of them are great artists).
Of course I always tell the others that I´m not experienced and then it is up to them whether they want to do this exchange or not.

Lauren Kate said...

What a great idea! A fantstic way to practice your own skills, and get a custom portrait at the same time!

That is a great photo also.

potatomamma said...

Hey cool idea that portrait party! I'll pass though, because I rather do stylized stuff - portraits are so tough!

Thanks for visiting on my blog =)

ksklein said...

Thanks, Lauren and Astrid.