Monday, May 14, 2007

I Have Been Tagged! (1)

I have been tagged by Casey Toussaint of rue Manuel bis

7 facts/habits about myself:
  1. I love the rain and the snow and love to get soacking wet. I was never fond of the sun. Last summer and 30 years old, I realized that this has changed. I grew fond of sunlight too.
  2. I enjoy people who feel comfortable with me even if we do not talk.
  3. Though my favorite tastes are spicy and sour, I can´t stop eating sweets.
  4. I have done everything in life which I had sworn that I would never do. And it was the right thing to do!
  5. My body has grown a double urethra.
  6. I can spend the whole day in bed without feeling bored. (I guess the last time I did this was 8 years ago, before I met my husband and had kids.)
  7. My favorite fruits are Pomegranate, but I don´t like peeling them.

7 facts about me (I have been tagged!)

The rules:

  1. List 7 random facts/habits about yourself.
  2. Choose another 7 bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog.
  3. Leave your 7 tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.

I´m tagging:

2. Ces
3. Allotment Lady
4. Jana Bouc
5. nami-nami
6. Lauren Kate
7. Marta


Africantapestry said...

I will spend time with you in the snow and get soaking wet in the rain if you'll spend time with me in the sun...both are great fun. And I'll have to teach you how to peel a pomegranate...few things more sensual than that! It's great to meet you, right on time after just haveing seen some portrait interpretations a while ago...
And thanks for the tagging?

ksklein said...

Hi Ronell, That seems to be a nice offer. I´ll accept it and enjoy the different kindof weather moods with you.
SO how do you peel Pomegranate? Actually I have quite a quick method, but I shouldn´t wear something white while peeling it. :)

juj said...

I love the illustrations you did to go with your list - you are much more productive than I. Great list, interesting - can't wait to see Ronell's.

Pille said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'll skip this time, as I only did the "5 things you didn't know about me" meme last month or so, and I'd have a hard time to come up with another 7 interesting factoids about me:)
Enjoyed reading your replies, however!

bjs said...

"My favorite fruits are Pomegranate, but I don´t like peeling them."

I'd peel them for you if you feed me. (I'm the husband, actually...)

ksklein said...

lol... I´ll feed you, but not all of them.

Allotment Lady said...

Lovely to read yours - sorry but I do not do 'tags' or memes I get them almost daily - wouldn't be fair to do one and not the others. But it was a nice compliment to be tagged.


Ces said...

KS, I suppose you could have kids at a young age but I thought, based on your photograph, you are only eighteen or twenty years old? Anyway, I love your illustrations and I have also been tagged by Dynahmow for the same meme, so I will post mine and say that it's a tag from you and her!

ksklein said...

@Ronell: You know what, I don´t like these memes either, but for once I wanted to try it and as there is an illustration with it it was okay for the blog. (And I had fun too!)

@Ces: :) I´m 31 years old and in November I´ll be 32. I remember that I had to show my ID in Germany till 25 when I wanted to go to clubs. Eventhough you need to be only 18 years old to get in. The same in the States. I always had to show my ID to buy a beer etc. But since I´m a mom of two that had changed a lot. Usually people guess my age pretty well these days. Maybe that was a good pic. :)

Anyway, I love your illustrations and I have also been tagged by Dynahmow for the same meme, so I will post mine and say that it's a tag from you and her!

ksklein said...

@Pille: Thanks for dropping by! :)

Pille said...

ksklein - I had to prove that I am underage until I was 18 in order to get a child discount. I wore glasses that made me look a lot older, you see. I think I look more or less my age now (or even slightly younger, I like to think:)

ksklein said...

from your pic, i would have guessed you to be around my age. :)

caseytoussaint said...

Kerstin - I love your illustration - a perfect take on this. It's fun to learn more about you!

Lauren Kate said...

Hi and thanks for tagging me!!

I'm afraid I still am fairly new to the blog-world and may miss doing this one - I'm sorry!

But, it's great to find out more about you! I never would have guessed you were 31!

Ces said...

Well, you look very young. I wish I was 31 or 32 again. The 30's are fun but so are the 40's... :-)

mARTa said...

Thank for tagging me Kirstin! I was begining to feel a bit left out! LOL. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better and hope you take a few minutes to get to know me!