Friday, May 4, 2007

Gertrude Stein for H.!

Gertrude Stein and her brother compiled one of the first collections of Cubist and modern art. She owned early works of Pablo Picasso, who became a friend and painted her portrait. At that time Picasso was neither famous nor rich. The appreciation of the Steins and their picture purchases brought a little light into the poor life of young Picasso.
She had more than 80 sittings for this 1906 portrait.

"Everyone thinks she does not look like her portrait, but never mind, she will". (Picasso)

A man once criticized Picasso for creating unrealistic art. Picasso asked him: "Can you show me some realistic art?" The man showed him a photograph of his wife. Picasso observed: "So your wife is two inches tall, two-dimensional, with no arms and no legs, and no color but only shades of gray?"


Ces said...

Yes, indeed how interisting this story is. Picasso had such a colorful life. As for gertrude Stein's painting, I tried incorporating it once on this painting. It is on the wall.

Hilbi said...


a rose is a rose is a rose

Thank you...

so und das waren meine Englischkenntnisse..

ksklein said...

@ces: thanks for the link. i commented on your site.

@hilbi: brauchst du eine kurzübersetzung vom text, oder hast du ihn schon verstanden?

Hilbi said...

Ja bitte übersetzen, mein Englisch, das ist fast überhaupt nicht vorhanden

Jana Bouc said...

I love it!!!!! What a great quote. Picasso may have not been the nicest guy but he was definitely an artistic genius. I recently saw a show of Picasso and American artists who were influenced by him at the SF Museum of Modern Art. It was amazing to see all the famous artists trying to imitate his styles. I love the Stein portrait too. Once I did a portrait of someone's kid from a photo that was a year earlier. She was amazed because I'd somehow made the portrait look how the boy looked now (without ever seeing him) instead of a year earlier as a tot.