Monday, January 14, 2008

All Sexual Fantasies Fulfilled Here!

I´ve done two images for the IFN topic of this week (my favorite sexual fantasy), but so far none of them were real sexual fantasies. They were just images which came to my mind.

Bondage woman

I have an offer for
YOU! Tell me your favorite sexual fantasy and I´ll draw a sketch of it for you. I´m very curious to know what you all are dreaming of. Of course I´ll post the images without your name.

Bondage womanBondage girl
She devilDevil

Tell me your wildest dreams. Everything is accepted and every fantasy (which I´ll receive till Thursday night) will be drawn. There are only very few things which I would decline. So please don´t disappoint me.
In case you do not want to write your fantasies in the comment section (I expect wild fantasies) send the images to this email address!

I just received the first email in response to this post. Thanks, it has already triggered my fantasy for the first drawing.


Prozacville said...


This is a fantastic idea and I sense the seeds here for a whole blog.

Please post the most torrid pics on IFN too.

ksklein said...

A new blog for this. Hell, what a great idea. I just won´t find the time for it. But it would be so cool and exciting to hear many different kind of fantasies.

Dorin Popa said...

Da Du's eh zeichnest, erspare ich mir die Übersetzung ins Englische...

Eine Frau in unsportlicher, ihre Weiblichkeit betonender Kleidung, die an den entscheidenden Stellen freigelegt, aufgeknöpft oder aufgerissen ist.

Sie steht mit gespreizten Beinen über einem Herrenrennrad. Ihr Kopf bzw. Hals ist mit dem Fahrradschloß am Lenker fixiert, ihre Hände (mit einem Fahrradschlauch?) am Rücken gefesselt.

Mit ihrem Mund hält sie eine Frontleuchte oder Luftpumpe.

Die Kette der Nippelklemmen führt durch den Rahmen oder die Speichen so durch, daß Spannung entsteht.

Der dünn zulaufend Fahrradsattel bohrt sich zwischen ihre Schamlippen.

Sarah said...

Damn, my German's not good enough for that! I'm considering sharing, but I'd have to do it anonymously...

ksklein said...

@Dorin: Nicht schlecht! Ich werde schauen was ich daraus machen kann. (Aber musste da ein Fahrrad dabei sein?? Die sind echt schwer zum zeichnen. ;) ) Popa said...

@Sarah: The above fantasy will be the drawing with a bicycle. :) In case you want to send your fantasy by email, I won´t be mentioning any names or anything. I would just like to mention whether it was a female or male fantasy. But I could leave that out too.

I just had to go to a parent-teacher conference of the kindergarden and inthose 3 hours there I finally had time to think about my own fantasies too.

Kapinskis Schelling 48 said...

lets do it.
I see a Bar, with a lot of Bottles. So jump over. From behind, from the barkeepers place.
Some of the bottles are broken, some of them are full, some emtpy. On the bar, sitting a girl. With her body leaned back, arms strechted to the side, legs smooth open. She is wearing trousers, but no shirt. most important about that picture are her eyes that gives the spectator of the image the immidiatly touch of a dirty, "i want you".
and her trousers shoud be torned somewhere.
Let her smoke, let her be tattoed, completly naked, whatever. Her eyes tell everybody, woman and man,
i want you.
thx for the work,

Dorin Popa said...

Sorry Sarah, I'm to lazy to translate it, but you'll see Kerstin's drawing of the bicycle ride...

Mim said...

I'll have to think about which one to send you but think about a shower with two people and slippery soap.

Anonymous said...

Meine Fantasien wären ein großer Gangbang mit mehreren Männern, nacheinander oder Gleichzeitig.
Manchmal sehne ich mich danach oder es stößt mich der Gedanke daran ab, aber im Großen und Ganzen wäre das was für mich.

Wichtig wäre auch, dass ich die Männer nicht kenne, aber wohl aussuchen darf.

Jeannette said...

"I just had to go to a parent-teacher conference of the kindergarden and inthose 3 hours there I finally had time to think about my own fantasies too."

Wow, I had no idea you were so kinky. I dont even think I could handle the image of little kids fucking and sucking each other.

ksklein said...

@f.k.:Ehrlich gesagt bin ich froh, wenn ich eine erkennbare Figur hinbekomme... Ob ich da ienen speziellen Blick hinbekomme... Schauen wir mal.
@Mim: I´m curious to read your fantasy with the soap. :)

@Anonymous: Bist Du männlich oder weiblich? Nicht das ich etwas falsches zeichne. Erst hatte ich ja an einen Mann gedacht aber einen Gangbang wo Du die Männern aussuchen darfst lässt mich wieder auf eine Frau schliessen. *lach

@Jeannette: actually parent-teacher conferences are pretty boring, so I used the time for fantasizing. So far the kids didn´t turn up in my fanatsies. But I guess as you are a teacher you must have projected your fantasies on mine. And I usually keep my kinkiness to myself. :)

Kerstin Klein said...

Hi everybody, I revived this project for an exhibition coming up next year. Would love it, if you could join in (again). Best, Kerstin