Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For (German) All Gamblers!

I had mentioned the 100-days pop-up book store before. The store closed two weeks ago. But now Dorin Popa has had a new idea and started aother blog. All the German readers check out the blog Deutscher Lotto-Blog!

Check out the rules in English here.

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Dorin Popa said...

It's absolutely not only for German players. People from all over the world can participate. It's quite simple: I'm playing every week the German Lotto. And everybody can participate by linking or commenting.

A link in a blog entry qualifies for a participation in the same week's 6 aus 49 – the main Lotto drawing. A link in your blogroll qualifies for a participation as long as I'm in the blogroll. Check my blogroll to see if I'm aware of your link.

A comment in the Deutscher Lotto-Blog qualifies for the smaller games: Super 6 and Spiel 77 in the same week.

Everytime I win some money I'll share it with the qualified bloggers. payment is through Paypal.