Monday, January 14, 2008

IFN: My Favorite Sexual Fantasy

Remember the IFN topic "What Goes In Must Come Out" when Mim´s image inspired me to another one and the next image by Ellis Nadler showed a Vagina Dentata?
Something similar happened with my second IFN pic which I actually hadn´t planned to post here. But what the heck... Here you go:
Afraid of Vagina Dentata?? Here comes the Vagina Overwhelma. (Thanks Prozacville)

Fuck: Today I had Prozac(ville)! (by ksklein):

Too much woman for just one man (by Prozacville):


Sarah said...

Hee hee - prozac doesn't look very satisfying

Prozacville said...

I like the way you just let it all hang out on this blog. Picture of giant vaginas atop portraits of your Mum. You have the courage to let all sides of your personality show on your blog. Most of us (myself included) compartmentalise more.

ksklein said...

@sarah: i haven´t tried prozac yet, but the size seems to be too small. ;)

@prozacville: that´s what came to my mind too, when i had posted the vagina pic: the vagina on top of my mom. :)
but no, i don´t have the courage and also don´t feel like showing all sides of me on this blog. and i first didn´t even want to post the vagina image, as i know that some very religious people read the blog too. but then i thought to myself, what the heck: that´s me too!