Friday, February 1, 2008

Tais Toi Mon Coeur By Dionysos Ft. Olivia Ruiz

Currently I feel like having an umbrella stabbed into my heart too. Friday is drama time! ;)
The video is nice but I have already posted a wonderful video of Dionysos “Tes lacets sont des fées” here, which I like a lot better.

Here´s the translation by someone on youtube.
Tais Toi Mon Coeur
by Dionysos Ft. Olivia Ruiz

For me it's the time to shove into the trash

my wooden heart, for good.
It is to the mounting head of the sparks (of love)
that I come to bring my resignation.

Go, birds of my body,
close your pretty beaks to passion.
The accidents of love by the dozen
have never made much sense to me.

Shut up, my heart.
I don't recognize you. (x4)
Me, I'm the only one who gets carried away.

I make myself a heart of stone,
to become a "big boy".
The one you would be proud of,
and could live with.

But a nice day like this raises in you
the damned idea

of digging through your souvenirs and dreams
in the trashcan of passion.


I have cracks
in my shoes.
It is definitely
My stone heart
That makes me tremble.
Shut up, my heart.

Shut up my heart; my heart, it is you
I believed that you kept silent and she
wouldn't remember you.
Besides it's not worth hurting yourself like that;
You will frighten her again.
Oh shut up, my heart. Shut up, my heart.
I don't recognize you.
Shut up, my heart.
I don't recognize you. (x2)
Listen to me.
I don't recognize you.
Shut up, my heart.
I don't recognize you.
Listen to me. (x2)
Shut up, my heart.
I don't recognize you. (x2)


Blog Queen said...

Oh, Kerstin, I love the song even though I dont know a peep of French! And sad as it may be, Im in that kind of mood, too... :(

If we can avoid being stabbed by sharp objects long enough, lets drink to the sentiment sometime.

ksklein said...

Yep. It is really nice. My French isn´t very good either. I never really used it after school days. Did you watch the other video of Dionysos? I like it better than this one and I guess it helps our current mood a lot more. ;)

Anyway we´ll pull out the sharp objects and then we can have a drink or two.
It would be very nice to meet you when you come to Munich. Isn´t this the year when I wanted to get rid of my inhibitions??? ;)

Blog Queen said...

You're right, it's very cute and funny. Well, if one must be swallowed by a giant monster, it might as well be one with an island in its stomach!

arindamart said...

thanks for the video.i love the graphic works and animations in it. great artist. i don't know french thugh i live in a city that once was a French colony in India and still it is a great place for learning French.
Keep posting.