Thursday, February 7, 2008

Post-It Project Part 2

Here some more pics of the project. The first one I stuck on a mailbox and the second one on a cash machine:

"Where have all the love letters gone? Only advertisements!"


Dorin Popa said...

What's about my final fantasy? You could draw it on a post-it and stick it on my door

ksklein said...

i didn´t forget your final fantasy. but as your wishes are very special, it will take some time. :D
(actually i didn´t have the time to draw it so far. ;) )

but don´t worry, you´ll get it. a post-it would be easy though: small, fast and without details. but then i suppose you don´t live on the ground floor, and i couldn´t surprise you by sticking it at your door. so which house number have you got?

Dorin Popa said...

Barer 86a, third floor (German system) or fourth floor (US system).

ksklein said...

good to know. so maybe one day santa claus or a little wish fairy will drop by and stick a post-it at your door. ;)