Saturday, February 9, 2008

Etsy Jewelry By Accessory à la Mode

A few days ago I finally received a small package from the States. I had seen a post at Design Crush about these wonderful rings. I liked them a lot. So I ordered two of them from Accessory à la Mode at her Etsy shop: one made of Sterling Silver and the other one of antiqued Brass.

It was fun to open the package and the rings which were wrapped as little gifts. The seller does have an eye for details and you can feel her affection for her craft when you see her items.
She had some personal problems, which led to a delayed shipping, so she added a coupon for the next purchase at her shop. By mistake she made two silver rings for me and when she realized that I had ordered a brass one, she made another one and sent me all three of them. I´m glad she did, because the silver rings are much prettier.

Silver Rings

Silver Rings


Kelly said...

those turned out beautifully! i'm so glad. :)

Blog Queen said...

Fabulous! Will you wear them next week?

ksklein said...

Thanks kelly and steffi. I´ll wear them, if I don´t forget and I tend to forget. ;)

Mim said...

These are beautiful rings, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

omg! I looked at the pics first and then read the post. Beautiful cock rings I thought ;-)

ksklein said...

i guess the rings would be too small for most of the men, even if they were made to fit my middle finger. ;)