Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Favorite Fantasy 7

Finally I managed to draw the last requested sexual fantasy tonight. (Sorry, Dorin that you had to wait so long.) I didn´t even find the time to draw the 3 or 4 ideas I had for my own fantasies. I´m glad that I´ve got rid of most of my obligations. (Only one more thing is left: A portrait exchange with Rama, as I won the Portrait Party Contest.)
What did I learn? Yes, I´m good in some fields of art, but my artistic skills are pretty limited. I had such difficulties drawing pictures for people who knew exactly what they would like to have. I can´t even draw round circles. Look at the tires of the bicycle!!
But I had fun and enjoyed reading your fantasies (about
elephant-trunk appendages and devils) and now I know that I´d better improve those fields in which my talents are more distinct.


Dorin Popa said...

Thx and sorry for pushing you into doing it

ksklein said...

you didn´t push me. i asked for it! ;)

Mim said...

you are a great artist - artistic quality is not judged by drawing circles -- what's what drawing tools are for! don't be so hard on yourself.

Sarah said...

Skills are things you develop (she says, patronisingly - true tho') - anyway I'm far better at beating myself up than you are ;)

ksklein said...

@Mim: I don´t think I´m hard on myslef. I do enjoy arts very much and being creative. But I have realised that it just isn´t good enough to somehow have a job in this field. I don´t really mind that. Knowing it gives me the possibilities to look into a new direction.

@Sarah: you arte right: skills have to be developed. but some skills are just not good as others. :)

Kerstin Klein said...

Hi everybody, I revived this project for an exhibition coming up next year. http://www.365skulls.com/20151006/new-project-my-favorite-fantasy/ Would love it, if you could join in (again). Best, Kerstin