Friday, December 5, 2008

Search Terms 8

More search words which led to my site:
  • origami vagina (????? I had to google this myself and there are several websites where you can find folding instructions for origami vaginas. *lol).
  • how to grow a beard.
  • n.u.d.e b.a.r.e c.u.n.t (Leads to this pic. How did they know? ;) )
  • i undressed you with my eyes i have maybe even raped you in a dark and eerie corner of my mind i tucked you there and touched you in a dream last night (Search terms are getting longer and longer)
  • a musical about being stuck in an elevator (Being stuck in an elevator is bad enough, but singing about it???))
  • japanese movie blood snowflake (It doesn´t surprise me that these words lead to my blog)
  • what do I wear this winter? gloves? coat? mittens? (Do people really ask search machines this kind of questions?)
  • death of surfaces (Interesting)

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