Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent: Dec 1

Anyone wanting an Advent gift, just comment here or at the Advent post and maybe you´ll be the lucky one to get a surprise next Sunday. And please send me your address. You´ll find my email address in my profile. You can submit more than one wish. This will increase your chances!


Blog Queen said...

World peace? An end to hunger? An ABBA reunion? An invisibility cloak? The real answer to the meaning of life? Or those pants that Timm Thaler wore that always had a twenty in the pocket (or am I getting my tv shows mixed up now)!

Nah. I just wanted to say, it's been a nice year to have been accompanied by your lovely drawings. I'm looking forward to another one.

And that's all. :)

mlkeewa said...

A handmade ornament for my christmas tree with a theme of your choosing (anything goes) or I am redecorating my childrens room and I am using horses as the theme would love a horse mobile for the ceiling it can also be handmade.

arindamart said...

hey hey hey, i couldn't resist myself, as you are talking about free gift. lol.
mmmmmmmm.....m m mmm m m... i wish to have an original drawing from you. i love your lines and the ideas.

mlkeewa said...

After reading arindamart's wish just thought I better make mine clear when I said "handmade" I mean made by you:)