Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advent, Advent (4) Meaning of Life

Today, I´m posting picks of wrapped parcels, as I will send of the packages on Monday. I don´t want to reveal the surprise.
Blog Queen is looking for the real meaning of life and maybe, with the gift, she´ll receive a few answers. Or maybe it will just help her to relax. :)

Gift for Steffi

Miriam asked for a handmade ornament for their Christmas tree or a horse themed mobile for their childrens rooms. I´ll be making something else. I went to Perlmuttchen and bought some stuff there for a little handmade gift. I have to admit that I don´t know where I put the bag, so I´ll have to complete and send it off later. But it wouldn´t make it to the States in time for Xmas anyway.

Here are pics of the gifts.


Blog Queen said...

Oh dear! If only every time I made an innocent comment or a flippant remark, I'd receive a present for it. Why, I might just end up being a better person for it! ;)

ksklein said...