Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Update to Advent Advent (4)

Here are the pics of the gifts (Advent, Advent (4)) for Blog Queen (who was looking for the real meaning of life) and for Miriam (who wanted something handmade or pink or horse-themed).

Here´s a bracelet for Miriam´s daughter:

And some chocolate and a book about the meaning of life for Steffi:

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Blog Queen said...

Oh, phew, I'm glad! The package came today. I was afraid it was going to be Monty Python's Meaning of Life... that would fit both criteria!

Huhm, chooooocolate.... I love choooocolate. Which is why I usually try not to buy any, or my Christmas, uh, spirit would look even worse than it does right now. ;)

Thank you for a nice santa mitzvah!