Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting a Kick Out of Paper

This week I met a friend of mine after a long time. She gave me a belated birthday present: a sketchbook and different kinds of markers. This sketchbook is specially made for ink, indian ink and markers. And you know what? The pages feel better than Moleskines. (I almost had a bad conscience.) The surface is soooooooooo smooth, it feels unbelievably good. Thanks M.!
I can´t wait to get started with ink drawings in it, but I need to have an idea what to fill the book with. Any ideas?


Mim said...

Just do your regular drawings - they'll be wonderful.
I got away from Moleskines a while ago, still have some but I found that the color of the paper sort of bothered me.

ksklein said...

Actually I like the yellowish color of the Moleskines. It adds an "old" or "used" feeling to it.
But sometimes it doesn´t scan well though.

arindamart said...

the yellowish paper is attractive. i can't stop myself from doing penworks on it. but what you got in as gift is exclusive too. i propose do some portraits in it. donot go for landscape or things like that. the animal series you can do in it too. best regards.
hey, what about that magazine, the first one, i was trying for?

ksklein said...


"hey, what about that magazine, the first one, i was trying for?"

???? I didn´t understand this sentence.