Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seasons Greetings!

Thanks to everybody who brought a smile to my face the past year. I just made a quick list of names, so I´m might have forgotten some of you. Anyway have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your time off.

Merry XMas everybody!

Some more ecards I discovered at Someecards. They always make me smile...
... but I didn´t dare to post this one on my blog.


Blog Queen said...

Thank you, sweetie! :) Günter has been most helpful, by the way. I suspect the guinea pigs must have duck brains, since they don't seem to appreciate me as much as they should, either... ;)

ksklein said...

@Blog Queen: I wanted to have a look at the book before sending it off, as you never know what is written in Janosch´s books. He does have some very strange books too - also pornographic ;)
And I want to know what I send off to someone. But I wrapped it too soon and didn´t feel like doing it a second time.