Thursday, December 25, 2008

Advent, Advent (5) Merry Xmas

Today is the last day of the Advent Game. I really did enjoy searching for the gifts, wrapping and sending them off. It did strain my wallet, but it was worth it. Today the two last recipients were chosen.
First of all Miriam asked for "a magical pillow that will send her a deep and dreamless sleep every night for 8 hours". As it was pretty late for sending off stuff I searched the net and found a dream pillow at Etsy.

"Enjoy a deep and restful sleep by tucking this aromatic & beautiful little pillow inside your pillowcase at night."
Mim, I know that this might be a dust catcher and that it may not be the right gift specially with your husband being allergic. But as usual I think it is a nice gift to pass along - in case you have no use for it or don´t like it.
The second gift will be for Benjamin. He wished for a drawing yesterday - pretty late, but this will be the opportunity to draw a picture which will not leave our place. All the drawings I´ve done so far (except in my moleskines) have been presents, so I could never really show anybody my work. This will change now.

To everybody who wished for some gifts, but didn´t receive any: I do hope your wishes will get fullfilled for you too.


Mim said...

Oh Kerstin - thank you SO much! it will not be a dust catcher, it will be a much appreciated present from a dear friend.

Thank you again a million - and Happy New Year

ksklein said...

Hey Mim, I do hope that the quality of it will be good, but I like the way this lady sells her stuff - with the ribbon and the star and the little piece of paper with the description. I thought that if she takes care of the details, the pillow itself must be good too. :)