Sunday, November 30, 2008

Advent, Advent (1) Beer and Boots

Advent Calender - Nov 30

Friday I sent out the first two packages. The first one goes to Dawn as she was the first to comment on the Advent post. I sent her the Steins she wished for. I chose these handmade Steins for her, as the artist has the same last name as me.
Handmade Stein

I got bribed into sending the second gift to Berlin. Usually I´m not a sucker for bribery or flummery, but somehow Hans really tried his best and I couldn´t resist being called "mistress" and "goddess".
So for all his efforts ;) the second gift goes north.
Mailart - Boots

Contents of Boots Parcel

Anyone wanting a gift, just comment here or at the Advent post and maybe you´ll be the lucky one next week. And please don´t forget to send your address to my email address (see my profile).


Dawn, Sean, and Ethan said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!! I can't wait for the package to arrive to see what my wonderful stein looks like. Very cool that the artist has your last name... that is just an added bonus!!

ksklein said...

Hi Dawn, I hope you will still think the Steins are wonderful when you see them. The package should arrive in about 10-12 days as I didn´t send it by airmail.

BTW: the lady at the post office thought that I am crazy, sending stones in a package to the States. (In German Stein means stone. ;) )

Mim said...

Those boots look very serious!

ksklein said...

@Mim: :D Well, they were only drawn on the outside of the package. Some guys have strange wishes! ;)

BTW: Don´t feel like wishing something? Would be nice to hear your wishes.

Hans said...

Noch nicht geöffnet!
Bin gespannt ob den auch wirklich Stiebel und Bier drin sind.
Details dann bei mir im blog.

ksklein said...

WEder Beer noch Boots!

Die Bierkrüge waren für das andere Paket. Stiefel sind bei Dir nicht drin, Du hast mir ja Deine Schuhgrösse nicht verraten wollen. ;)
Und ausserdem hast Du Dir doch "Kekse" gewünscht. Da müsstest Du schon genauer formulieren, wenn Du "Kekse" schreibst und "Stiefel" meinst.

Und jetzt willst Du nicht mehr anonym bleiben? Dann kann ich ja im Post zu Dir verlinken.

_paulina_ said...

muahhaaaa, sehr schön. ich finds klasse...;o)