Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ruth Klüger

A week ago a friend of mine invited me to a reading. Ruth Kluger was reading from her new book unterwegs verloren at the Literaturhaus München. We both enjoyed it a lot. She is an interesting person.
Later I wondered whether I would write about my living family members and friends in such an uncompromising way as she did. I guess not. She didn´t hide the fact that she didn´t like certain family members and it is also written in her books.

Ruth Klüger

Ruth Klüger

Ruth Klüger Literaturhaus München
It is unbelievable what has happened to her in her life. Yes, she did survive Auschwitz and Theresienstadt, but she read from the second book about her later life in America. About her life in the States as a young girl, her marriage and her divorce. I don´t think she had a pleasant life.


red-handed said...

Have you tried Primo Levi? "If Not Now, Then When?" is absolutely splintering.

Mim said...

I wonder if after such experiences one can ever have a pleasant life.